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                Jet Through the Streets

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         The Street Life Series by Kevin M. Weeks

A collection of crime fiction novels

Momís Choice Award (Young Adult Fiction)
Moonbeam Childrenís Award (Young Adult Fiction)
Next Generation Indie Book Awards Finalist (Young Adult Fiction)
Bonnie Blue Society Award (Young Adult Fiction)
African American Pavilion at BookExpo Urban Book Series Award
London Book Festival Award
National Best Book Awards Finalist
New York Book Festival Award
YOUnity Guild Best New Urban Breakout Author of the Year

Kevin M. Weeks is a self-published African American author of a collection of urban crime fiction novels titled The Street Life Series®, which is published under the Xlibris Corporation imprint. Main character Teco Jackson, who ultimately leaves the “street life,” travels across the globe; and readers come to see how he responds as crime happens all around him.

The Street Life Series first three fiction novels take place in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Washington, D.C. and Atlanta, Georgia. Future novel settings will take place in major cities around the world. Out of the 20th Century came the non-fiction American Guide Series as part of the New Deal Federal Writers’ Project between 1935 and 1943. In the 21st Century, Kevin M. Weeks' fiction Street Life Series debuted in September 2006.

The Street Life Series is likened to the American Guide Series for three reasons: (1) Book Cover artwork centered on a particular location, (2) Publication during an economic downturn in history and (3) Appeal to capture various cultures as well as reach a broad audience.

In addition, Kevin Weeks has established author recognition for his brand by having the titles of the books follow a pattern format, which is a traditional theme for many mystery novels. The first three titles in the book series are: Is It Suicide or Murder?, Is It Passion or Revenge?, and Is It Rags or Riches? Readers quickly identify the series because each title asks a thought provoking question of "Is It?" For these reasons, there is a major buzz in the publishing industry about The Street Life Series.

In 2010, Kevin M. Weeks launched a collection of young adult fiction novels titled The Street Life Series Youth Edition. This book series is designed to spark the continued interest of young adult readers in American History as well as propel conversations between novice readers and historians alike. Travel with Isaac Green and see American Civil War events through Isaac’s eyes.



The Street Life Series Book List

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The Street Life Series:
Is it Power or Envy?


The Street Life Series:
Is it Rags Or Riches?

Hardcover 9781441566225
Softcover 9781441566218


The Street Life Series:
Is it Passion or Revenge?

Hardcover 9781425797362
Softcover 9781425797126


The Street Life Series:
Is it Suicide or Murder?

Hardcover 9781425711054
Softcover 9781425711047

Distributors: Ingram and Baker & Taylor


The Street Life Series Editor’s Choice Book Review


"Weeks' second entry in his self-published "Street Life" series (after Is It Suicide or Murder?) mixes gritty street-lit action with hints of a police procedural that will appeal to both urban fiction fans and readers of African American mysteries.”

-- Library Journal - The Word on Street Lit No. 1


A Message from Kevin M. Weeks

“Mastery is the ability to accomplish oneís desires in life. It is not repression of feelings or impulses, but rather the ability to feel fully and yet be in control of oneís behaviors. ”

 --Kevin M. Weeks (September 2010)


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