Behind The Street Life Series


Kevin M. Weeks pens The Street Life Series®, which is a collection of crime fiction novels. Weeks is known for his story-telling ability. The book series chronicles main character Teco Jackson’s action packed life as Teco chooses exciting vocations and emerges as a strong male figure from out of “the streets.” Travel with West Philadelphia (West Philly) native Teco across the world and see how he responds as crime happens all around him.

Plain and simple, the book covers tell the story behind The Street Life Series. This is a very fresh and exciting approach. Kevin M. Weeks loves literature and the arts. His enthusiasm shines through in both his writing and book cover design. Georgia artists draw The Street Life Series book covers, which represent an interpretive collaboration between Kevin M. Weeks and the artist.

Amongst readers, The Street Life Series is likened to the American Guide Series, which originated during the Great Depression era as part of the Federal Writers' Project between 1935 and 1943. As an example, similar to each volume of the American Guide Series, Weeks' book cover design features works of art for a particular location. In addition, the non-fiction American Guide Series was published in the Depression era, while the crime fiction Street Life Series gained popularity during 21st Century economic woes.


Book 1 (Is It Suicide or Murder?): Take a close look at Book Cover 1. The key elements of the story are the main character Teco Jackson, a body, and car. Now, here is the twist. The left side of Teco’s face is swollen. What does this represent? Artist Paul Mitchell states "Teco's face is distorted because Teco's world is distorted."

You will have to read the entire novel to better understand Mr. Mitchell’s comment; however, Kevin M. Weeks makes a strong statement by not glamorizing the street life on this book cover. The story is raw and uncut; however, Kevin M. Weeks does include old school wisdom to guide Teco through his life’s journey in The Street Life Series.


Book 2 (Is It Passion or Revenge?): On the book cover, you immediately see the location of the story. The left side of Teco's face is no longer distorted, which tells something about Teco’s current state of mind. The colors of the book cover are vivid, representing Teco’s world and his surroundings. He is holding a rose and a necklace. Is there romance in the air? But what does this all have to do with the silhouette of a female holding a gun? Artist Matt Brumelow captures your attention to want to know more about these elements of the story.

Book Reviewer Heather Covington writes: “If you read the first book of The Street Life Series, you'll love the sophomore return! AN AUTHENTIC URBAN MYSTERY WRITER IS BORN with sheer simplicity and the gift of storytelling at its finest!”


Book 3 (Is It Rags or Riches?):  Just as William Shakespeare gave us Othello, Kevin M. Weeks presents to us Detective Paul Yeomans who is on the cover of book 3.  Upon first glance, the reader knows that there is an Atlanta Detective in the storyline. Also, is it possible that there are games being played?  If so, what is a reader to make of a red icosahedron on the front cover?

Where is Teco Jackson?  Have no fear, Teco Jackson and Washington, D.C. Detective Hanae Troop are the shilouhettes.  Weeks will highlight a character from each novel on the book cover of each upcoming novel.

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